Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy Month!

Brad and I finally found a place to live! We are currently packing up everything, trying to get everything done by Sunday. Brad has been working everyday, so I have been stuck packing things up all by myself. If I can recall, I packed up pretty much on my own when we lived in Roseville too! Wait a minute... I think Brad is trying to get out of packing this year again. He says that he is "busy" and don't really have the time to help (whatever...;))

So last week on the 21st, it was Brad's 28th B-day. He had to work that day until 9:30pm. When he came home, I made him chicken sandwich

... and surprised him with Chocolate pudding dessert, which is one of his favorite homemade dessert. It has crust, cream cheese, chocolate and vanilla pudding topped with whipped cream and some pecans.

I know that this post goes from one story to another, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to post anything. Sorry guys!

I am still working at Olive Garden. I am 35 weeks this week and I was going to work for another week or so, but have decided to take a leave by the end of this month. I just have so much to do before this baby pops! I have also been getting a lot of pressure and have been having hard time breathing and sleeping. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and the doc. told me that Caylee's head is faced down( though it could shift again)... Caylee has been moving nonstop lately and loves to kick me on my ribs. I can't really blame her, since I have short torso and she is probably squished in my stomach ready to come out already. I have been stressing out lately thinking about what needs to be done before she comes. This whole moving out situation is making me kind of crazy. I think I am going through nesting phase right now. All I can think of is trying to sort things and getting everything settled into this new place. I can't wait till we have everything moved in so that I can start decorating Caylee's room. It will be a total relief for me.

So I don't think you will be hearing from me for a while, since I will be in the middle of moving and trying to get an internet service=( I'm also having 2 different baby shower. My friends from my ward, Becky and Rachael are throwing me one this Saturday and Olive Garden is throwing me one as well on Monday. So I will take some pictures and post them later.

I hope I can pack everything in time. Wish me luck;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

Catherine, my friend from Roseville, Ca. tagged me so here I go!

How long have you been married?
-4 years, 3 months

Who eats more sweets?
I don't know... I would have to say it is usually him, but lately I've been eating more sweets because I'm prego. I love chocolate;) I guess we both like to spurge on junk food often.

Who said I love you first?

How old is he?
27, will be 28 this month

Who is taller?
Brad. He is 5'11" and I'm 5'3"

Who is smarter?
We both are. Depends on the subject. I would have to say he is smarter, but sometimes he is so out of things. He is my better half;)

Who can sing better?
We are definately not singers. We love to sing but unfortunately, we are tone deaf=)

Who does the laundry?
We both hate doing it. Unfortunately, I always get stuck washing them; however, Brad helps me with the folding part after I get mad and beg him to help me. (HEHE)

Who pays the bills?
I do, but he does a good job as well.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Brad does, but we recently switched sides because I've been getting up a lot to use the bathroom=)

Who mows the lawn?
Unfortunately, we do not have grass so we do not have to worry about that

Who cooks dinner?
I do, of course. If he cooks, it would be Mac n' Cheese or something you can cook in the microwave. In other words, we would be starving=)

Who drives?
Brad drives good, but I usually drive because he tends to make me car sick, especially now that I'm pregnant. Oh yeah, he road rages too.

Who is more stubborn?
We are both stubborn, but I would have to say that I am a little more stubborn than he is.

Who kissed who first?

Who asked who out?

Who is more sensitive?
It would be definitely be me. I'm very caring, emotional person, if you would like to call it;)

Who has more siblings?
umm..., yes that would have to be Brad. He has 5 brothers and 4 sisters. There are 10 kids in his family. I have a brother and a sister, 3 total.

Who wears the pants?
No one wears the pants in our house. We balance out things with each other pretty well. We are not perfect though. We still fight like other couples would do.

Here are friends and family we would like to tag!
Beth, Kristi, Jessie, Lorna, Susan, and Liz

Sunday, March 9, 2008

32 Weeks Prego

I am 32 weeks today. Many of you are wondering how I am and how big I've gotten. So here is a picture of me.

My back hurt so bad last night. As you can tell, I look really tired in this picture. That is because I didn't sleep very well last night. Forwarding one hour for spring didn't help either. I'm really tired tonight. I think I'm going to bed a little earlier=) Other than that, I'm doing fine. I am still working at Olive Garden. My co-workers are always asking me when I'm leaving on my maternity leave. I always tease them and tell them that I will leave when I go into labor at work. They didn't find that funny at all... Anyways, I'm almost done with my pregnancy, which is exciting but nervous at the same time. It's scary, but mostly we can't wait to hold Caylee in our arms.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Results

Just letting you all know that all my tests came out negative with the Gestational Diabetes. They drew blood four different times, making it an all day event. I went into the hospital at 8:30 and didn't get out until around 2pm. Stinkin' doctor made me all stressed out for nothing. I think they just said that so they can take more tests and get more money out of me;)

Everything is well. I went to the doctors today and the baby is measuring up just right and baby Caylee is doing well. Caylee is definitely getting bigger and making it hard for mommy to breathe normally.

I know that many of you are asking for my belly shot. I will for sure do it by the end of this week. I'm 32 weeks this week. I can't believe time has flown by so fast!

Thanks everyone for thinking of me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Admitting to the Hospital

On Wednesday of this week, my doctor had called me with my result for Gestational Diabetes. She told me that it came out positive and that there is a possibility that sugar is leaking to the baby( oh no!) So tomorrow( Monday), I'm getting admitted to the hospital to take a 3 hour test. I have to start fasting tonight starting at midnight. They told me that I can't even drink water, and it is going to be really hard for me since I drink like a tall glass of water in the middle of the night. I won't have any food or water in my system until at least 12 noon tomorrow.

I'm wondering how accurate this test really is. If I don't have anything in my system but sugar, of course the baby is going to take in all the sugar. Why won't they let me eat or drink? I'm going to be so cranky and tired tomorrow;) The one hour test made me tired all day. All that sugar that was in the soda was probably too much for me.

I hope that it's not something serious and that they will get back to me with a result a.s.a.p because I'm worrying about it too much.