Monday, February 2, 2009

9 Months/Cruise

Since the wedding and the cruise last month, we have been really busy with going out of town every weekend to buy a home in Bakersfield, coming home and trying to keep up with laundry, and try to serve in my calling at church. Things have been a little crazy and we just can't wait until we move and settle in.

Caylee turned 9 months 3 days ago! She is getting to be a little social butterfly! She is crawling, standing up, sitting down, babbles "dada" all the time. She is such a good eater. she loves her veggies and loves bananas! Her hair was short for the longest time and is starting to finally grow=) I can't wait for her hair to get longer so that I can do her hair;) She is so much fun. She thinks everything is so funny!
I promised to post some pictures of the cruise so I will do that here:

It was sooooooooooo much fun! Brad, Caylee and I went on the Mexican Riviera cruise with Brad's whole family (there was 18 of us!). We ate some really yummy food. We over ate every day for the 7 days we were on the ship. We stoped in Puerto Vallarta, Mazalan, and Cabo San Lucas. I really enjoyed shopping. It was so much fun dealing with people who really wanted to sell you something. If you said no, they will still try to sell you something by lowering prices. We brought home a hammock for whoppin' $11! I bargained on that one. It took a while to conivince this guy to give it to me for that price though. With food, entertaintment, we had a blast with everyone we went with. We can't wait to go on another cruise! Who wants to go with us?!?! ;) Here are some pictures from the cruise:

When we first go on the ship, we had a mandatory drill...

Caylee's first emergency drill...
What tha...

First formal night- 2nd day at sea

Brad signed up for the golfing contest. He came in 2nd. Here he is with the winner

I don't know how to golf, but signed up for it anyway and had a blast and lost=(

Beautiful, ocean view!

We found Sam's Club and Walmart next to each other in Puerto Vallarta- 3rd day
...and of course,
everything was in Pesos

Enjoying the sunshine in Puerto Vallarta- 3rd day

Brad went parasailing in Mazalan! (4th day)
Brad also went jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas, but don't have any pictures of him jet skiing because I went to the flea market instead=)

4th day- After dinner

2nd formal night (can't remember which night)-oops

Not only did Brad and I ate well, Caylee did too! Caylee had some breadsticks that were about 9 inches long (thought that was long), but she retired from that after she found this during lunch time:

The day before our last day on the ship, Brad and I entered into ping pong contest. I lost but Brad, again came in 2nd place
Here he is with the winner. She smoked him!

Caylee in the Cruise crib. She was fascinated and busy looking around everthing, she hardly took a nap in the crib. She is just like her daddy- she doesn't want to sleep because she thinks she is going to miss out on something.

Last day- About to get off the ship to go home

Got off the ship to go home
4 generations Brad, Caylee, mom, Susan & Grandma, Joyce

We had a blast! Wanna go on a cruise anyone?