Thursday, April 16, 2009

Special Easter

We had a super fun Easter Sunday with the whole Fam. Caylee went to church in this really cute pink and white dress. Caylee experienced her first egg hunting and had dinner with the family. The food was delicious. We had creamy potatoes, Honey Baked Ham (yum), spinich salad, and tons of desserts and junk food. Good times!

No matter what I did, I couldn't get Caylee to look at the camera. ...and Brad, he wouldn't open his eyes!

Caylee in her Easter dress

Me and my mommy

Here's a picture of Caylee with her aunties, Kimbers Jennie, They helped Caylee out with hunting and picking up the eggs

After the egg hunt, Aunt Jennie and Kimber thought they deserved to eat some of her candy. Caylee generously offered some of hers. Daddy took some too, but she didn't notice;)

Caylee also got her own personnel bag made by her 2 grandmas (Susan and Mickey). She also got these two cute outfits. Thank you for your hard work. The bag is very cute!

Lunch with my friend

Last week, I met my friend, Susan. We first met at the institute. Since then, she has gotten married and had a daughter named Ezri. She currently lives in Utah and recently came to Bakersfield during spring break to see her family. We met up and had lunch at Olive Garden (brought back memories***). I had Soup and Salad and may I say, the new soup called, Chicken and Gnocchi is delicous! It has potato dumpling with chicken and arugula in a creamy soup. My mouth is watering again. Soooooooo yummy. You have to go try it out!

Me and Susan
Us and the kids, Caylee and Ezri

Thanks for coming. It was tons of fun seeing you and meeting Ezri!

11 month old

Caylee turned 11 months old couple of weeks ago. It just seems like she has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. She recently learned how to stand on her own and takes steps with her walker she uses everyday. She is still petite, but she eats very well. She LOVES to eat bananas and she will say "ba-nana nana nana nana" everytime she seems it. She is a happy baby for the most part and is always curious about everything, just like her daddy. She still stinkin' cat naps every day. If I get lucky, she naps about 1 1/2 hour maybe once or twice a week. Other than that, she will nap twice a day for anywhere between 15-40 min. I can't complain because she is still sleeping through the whole night, unless she is teething. Here are some pictures I've taken over the last 1 1/2 months.
Here is Caylee with auntie Mao. Her and I grew up in San Diego together. We have known each other for almost 13 years-she is like a sister to me. She lives in Valencia so Caylee and I went to go visit her. While visiting her, she spoiled Caylee with some cute toys from Toys "R" US (thanks, Mao!)
She loves this car! She walks with it EVER single day!!!Caylee and cousin, Alexis. Alexis loves Caylee and she always wants to know where she is. I love her, she is such a sweetheart. isn't she a cute bug!?!?!??! I hope that they'll be close when they get older.
Ok, I know you are thinking "she is getting too old to be in this bath sling", but this is the only way I can do without hurting my back too much. (Sorry for the provocative pict.)
Look at me, I'm standing up!
Here is caylee's new high chair

Visit from the Ashby's

I'm posting this waaaaaaaaaaay too late, but we had the Ashby's visit to Bakersfield to see us. They were in Ventura, spending time with their family and came up to visit on their way back home. We had lunch at Marie Calendar's and it was yummy! Thanks for coming!


I seriously am tired of looking at my own blog. The page style has been the same for almost a year and I don't really know how to change it up. Anyone know of free places to go so that this blog can look cute and exciting again?

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