Friday, April 16, 2010


Does anyone check my blog anymore? lol! Seriously, my blog is getting lame....:/ The last time I posted, I said that I was going to post more things, and I failed to do that, so to those who kept coming back to check, I'm truly soooo SORRY!!!!

Since I stopped blogging, there are so many things to blog about, but one thing that I have been wanting to tell (those who haven't heard me on FB) is that Caylee is finally going to be a...............

Yes, it's true! I'm

Today, I had an appointment with the doc. and I heard the heart beat for the first time. It was amazing and neat to see that our baby is looking more human-like (haha), and is growing healthy! I know that everything happens for a reason, and I'm so grateful to be carrying baby #2 at this time of our lives. We are thrilled and can't wait for *him* (j/k.... I really don't know;) ) to join our family of 3! Here is a sneak peak of the baby at 12weeks 5 days old: