Monday, January 19, 2009

Super, Busy Fun!

These past couple of weeks has been really busy for our family. I left to go to Bakersfield to throw my sister-in-law, Bev. a bridal shower (with Kristi-my other sis. in law) on Wednesday. It was so much fun. She got some really cute lingerie and some kitchen appliances.
Sis.-in-law, Bev.

The next day, everyone was really busy decorating the church and preparing food for their wedding, which was on Friday. The wedding and the reception went really well. Bev. looked so beautiful and happy- Congratulations, guys;)

Beverlee & Mike

My beautiful sister-in-laws as Brides Maids
Left to Right: Jennie, Kimberlee, & Kristi

Dad-Dan, Daughter-Bev. & Mom-Susan

Mama-Reiko, Daddy-Brad & Baby-Caylee

Just trying to have some fun=)

In-Laws with the Bride

I love this picture of Bev. and all of her brothers
Youngest to oldest from left to right:
Garrett, Cameron( going on a mission next month), Preston, Nathan, Sexy Brad;), & Russell

Toward the end of the night, both nieces were not up to any photo shoots

By the end of the night, Caylee was so tired. Her face expressions told me all about it...

I love it when she starts acting up like this; so dang cute! Sounds mean, but I really enjoy it=)

Though, this last face made me feel bad for keeping her up=(- Poor baby!

The day after the wedding, we quickly packed up and took off to the Mexican Riviera Cruise with the whole Lamb family. We ate more than you can imagine! By the end of the cruise, because of the large group of Lamb clan, I was afraid that we were going to sink the ship. I gained almost 4 lbs. and Brad gained about 6 lbs. It's a lot but we were actually happy about it considering we only gained half of what we gained from the last cruise Brad and I took 3 years ago. Caylee for the most part, was an angel throughout the trip. Although she didn't get good naps for the whole week, she was for the most part happy and stayed awake after her normal bed time so that mommy and daddy can go to comedy shows and other entertaintment.

I will post pictures of the Cruise later.

We have been home for 2 days now. It's nice to be home and relax a bit after our busy couple weeks. Later on this week, we have another wedding to go to. My uncle is getting married so we are going to downtown L.A. and this weekend, we might be taking another trip out to Bakersfield to buy a home! We have been looking for quite sometime for that "perfect home". We've looked at new and used, but could not compare to the McMillin home that we REALLY like. So if everything goes well, we will be purchasing one of their home pretty soon. Right now, it's an empty lot. It will take up to 6 months from now. We are moving out in March so they need to start it ASAP. Wish us luck;) Here is some pictures from the model home of the home we really like. It's called, Tribecca.
This is not the best angle of the house, but gives you an idea of how it looks

The best part of the house is the kitchen;)

Overall, we are very excited and glad that we can buy our first home and be closer to family. We look forward to free babysitting (hehe);)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 5!

Brad and I celebrated our 5 year annivarsary on January 2. We enjoyed being together. We went out to El Torito for dinner and watched some funny movies. Although we had Caylee with us, we enjoyed her company. She was being such an angel and didn't really cry at all that day. She even slept through our dinner date at El Torito. Sorry, I have no pictures=(

Time sure flies! We had the best, the most awesome 5 years of marriage. Thanks for being so sweet and calm when I go crazy on you sometime (hehe). We had many ups and downs (more ups) and I can't wait to see what our future holds.

I am going to have to find some wedding pictures to post. I need to find it, but in the mean time, enjoy the pictures I posted below=)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 flash back

2008 was a busy, yet an awesome year for us. In March, we moved into a nicer, bigger apartment (soooo ghetto now) in anticipation of our first child, Caylee. At the end of March, I went on a maternity leave from my job (Olive Garden) that I was so dedicated and loved so much. Shortly after my leave, we were blessed with our sweetest daughter who arrived into this world at 2:23 on April 30, 2008 at 20 inches long, weighing 7lbs. 1oz. She has been the best thing that have happened to us. She is just so precious and she is like heaven. Words will never express how much we love her dearly. Shortly after we had Caylee, I had really bad PPD! I really had no idea what I was doing. Belive it or not, I had never changed a baby's diaper in my life, until Caylee was born. I guess I could've had some practice... It's ok, I'm a pro at it now=) Our dear friend, Leslie Ashby was so kind enough to come all the way down from Sacramento to help take care of Caylee. She sure rescued me. I said no at first thinking that I could handle it, but she insisted. I'm so glad she came because things would have been a disaster. I had a difficult labor and it wore me off for quite sometime. One thing I will never do again is to fight labor pain too long becuase I stayed awake for the whole time I was in labor. Epideral will be my friend next time=) Staying in the hospital for 3 days was not fun. We are doing great now. Caylee keeps growing, but I often wish that she could stay small forever. To say the least, we adore her so much. She is now crawling and standing up around the couch. I think she is going to start walking before her first b-day (yikes!)
My friends, Leslie, Liz, Tiffani, and Catherine was so kind to send me this beautiful arrangement to the hospital. Thanks you guys;)
Newborn- poor baby... She had to be suctioned out

1 Month
I can't believe how much she has grown! She used to be so tiny!

Brad surprised me with really yummy breakfast on my first Mother's day. It was really sweet of him. He doesn't do this very often but when he does, it is so special; thanks, honey!
She looks like a mini sumo girl

3 Months

Taking a nap with uncle, Preston
She learned how to roll over!

We went on a date to the Santa Monica Beach
4 Months

5 Months

Started eating solids- Oh, she was so ready!

Started learning how to mini crawl

She loves her bath time!

She loves her daddy

She hates to visit her doctor=(

Pookie (cat) found a buddy

... and Caylee likes him too!

My friend's son, Blake really likes Caylee. Every time they meet, He will not leave her alone until he gets a kiss from her (even if that means to make her cry)

We went to the Banducci's Pumpkin Patch (our little tradition) in Bakersfield
Now it's our little family's traditon
6 Months

Caylee with aunt, Yuka

I made Thanksgiving turkey at my aunt's house

7 Months

During the summer, we took a trip to the L.A. zoo. It was so much fun looking at different animals that were there. Caylee got the chance to pet a few of the farm animals. She was laughing her head off because the pigs were making loud noise. She makes us laugh all the time now with her laugh. She laughs hard for no reason sometime. Just the other day, Brad dropped scotch tape and the noise it made when it dropped was apparently really funny to her. So we laughed and Caylee laughed even more; silly girl.

In November, Brad was able to put his transfers in and got the Grapevine (near Bakersfield). We will be moving sometime in March and we will be(planning on) buying our first home in Bakersfield. We are very excited about buying a home but we are stressing a little bit because we haven't found the home we really like. Wish us luck! Eventually, our goal is to move up north (near where Brad went to the Academy)-Roseville so that Brad can get into Air operations. We loved it there so much and made some awesome friends.

We were also able to take a plane ride to Sparks, N.V. to spend time with my aunt and uncle during the Thanksgiving weekend. During the trip, I was in a car accident and hurt my back even more (I have a bad back). I also learned that I have sclerosis ( not fun). This whole trip made me be more thankful for my life and for all my blessings.

In December, we celebrated Christmas for the first time with Caylee. She got a present, but didn't know what to do with it. She just looked at it and crawled away to something that was more of an interest to her. She also cut her first tooth on the bottom. We were wondering when that was going to happen. She woke up 2-4 times a night for about 1 week, but she was not too fussy at all, thankfully. She also got sick for the first time with a really bad runny nose. She may have had a light fever ( I never checked her temp.-oops=) ) but she was fine in couple of days. Though, she still have runny nose, she is getting better.

Our first REAL Christmas tree in 5 years!
(yes, I know the decorations on the tree is ugly, but I wasn't prepare. Brad suprised me this year with a real one. Next year one will be better because I bought some lights and bulbs for next year- it was on clearance, yay!)

She really had no clue it was Christmas- maybe next year;)

Now- 8 Months

So these are some of many things that occured in 2008. The rest seem to be a blur. I can't think!

This month (January 2009), Brad started working the graveyard shift so it's a big change for us. It is actually nicer because he gets the weekends off and we can go off on a mini vacation. Would anyone like a visitor?

This month is also a busy month for us. We are trying to searching for that "perfect" home, but most excitingly, Brad's sister, Bev. is getting married on the 9th and we are throwing a bridal shower for her. After the wedding, we are all going on a Mexican Riviera cruise. We are sooooooooooo excited to go. Last cruise we went was about 3 years ago and Brad gained whopping 10lbs. in 1 week, and I gained total of (drum roll please)......................................................
7lbs. Holy cow is right! We are coming back FAT! YES we are. I seriously need to go on a diet when we get back. Maybe I will join the gym with a friend of mine who is a fitness instructor. We are also taking Caylee this time around. We will see how that goes.

My new year's resolution for this year is to NOT gain any weight ( after the cruise) and start exercising so that I can take off the extra pounds I have left from my pregnancy with Caylee. They say that when you are nursing, you loose extra calories. Well, it's not working anymore since I'm not nursing as much. I will post pictures of the cruise when we get back.

If we don't see you guys this year, I hope this year will bring you much happiness!