Friday, August 21, 2009

Buena Vista Lake

This year's summer has been fun for our family. Since we've moved back to Bakersfield from L.A., we have been getting in contact with our old friends, taking an advantage of using my in-law's swimming pool and going out to the lake! Here are some pictures of our summer days thus far:

Caylee and I on a boat ( I know, you can't tell)-but for real!;)

Us at a picnic table in Buena Vista Lake. I get a laugh at Caylee's hair here.... She looks like Einstein's baby=)
If you can tell, Caylee went for a tubing ride, assisted by Brad. She was giggling the whole ride; she had a blast!
She had so much fun that she was exhausted by the time she came back into the boat (she was falling asleep).

I didn't even get in the water because I started getting sick. I stayed on the boat the whole time. I was the photographer that day=) Thanks to the Fausett's family for letting us come along on a boat ride;)


Lambini said...

AWESOME!!!!!!! She must be big to have a lifejacket!

Raquel said...

aww...Caylee is so cute! I love it when you post pictures. =)