Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

Every year on Father's Day weekend, Brad and I go to his family reunion in Arizona. This year, we have Caylee, so we decided to fly instead of driving. Caylee went on her first plane ride and she actually did really well. I was worried that she would start crying, but she never did. We also rented a hotel with Brad's brother, Russell and his wife, Amber. It was nice because Caylee and her cousin, Alexis were able to hang out and take some cute pictures together. For the most part, the trip went well, but there were some ups and downs. We spent so much money on this trip!!! Every year, Brad looks forward to eating some soft serve vanilla ice cream. He had some again this year, but was a little bit disappointed that they ran out on the second night we were there. I should of taken a picture of Brad and his ice cream cones. It's funny to see him get them because he always swirls them like 8 inches high! Well, here are some pictures we took at the family reunion.
Grandma, Susan with her two gradchildren, Caylee(left) and Alexis(right)

We love each other!

Yes, we really do=)

...but can I just poke your eye out?

me and my daddy

Hangin' out in the shade

Just taking an afternoon nap=)

By the end of our trip, we were so exhausted. We were glad we made it home!

5 Weeks Old

Caylee is starting to smile a lot now. She is 5 weeks old here. She loves to stare at bright things. She is currently a little bit confused with day and night. We are trying to flip her schedule around so that we can get some sleep! We are almost there, but any suggestions? It's neat to see her grow. She has grown a lot. She still has some baby acne, but they are going away. She is now 7 weeks old today! We love her soooo much=)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bath time!

Oh, my little sweet, Caylee... Look at her belly now! She has filled up a lot in the last few weeks and she is growing fast! I gave her a bath yesterday and she loves to to take one. She just hangs out and relaxes until she is all done.

I think giving her a bath is my favorite part of the day because she doesn't fuss or cry at all=)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nap Time!

The other day, I found my two sweet babies taking a nap together. They looked so cute, I had to take a picture.
Later that day, Caylee's great Grandmother, Jae ( from my mom side) came up from San Diego to see Caylee for the first time.

I wasn't blogging for a while, so I have some old stuff to blog about....So, my first Mother's Day was awesome! Brad woke up early to make me some breakfast before we went to church. I was impressed. He made some yummy waffles, eggs and bacon. Thanks, babe!
...and before I had Caylee, I had this urge to get everything done before she arrived. During my nesting phase, some of the things I did was I went grocery shopping almost everyday( literally) so that I didn't have to go for a while, and I made 1 year worth of strawberry freezer jam=) The jam is yummy and Brad loves to make PB&J with it. They came out really good!