Tuesday, July 31, 2007

She is CrAzY!!!

My aunt was so anxious to see us that she couldn't wait until we got to Reno. Instead, she came down to Roseville, CA where we were visiting the Ashby's family. How rude is that?!?!?!? She showed up and wanted us to leave to the Korean store with her. I was a little bit P/O that we had to cut our visit short, but found it funny at the end of the day.

Here she is with Brad at the rest stop on our way to her house in Reno, N.V.

Monday, July 30, 2007

We are on our Way!

Brad and I left from our house at 5 in the morning to go to Reno, N.V. to see my aunt's new house. On our way
there, Brad got so bored on the road, he decided that he would scoot his seat all the way forward so that he can look funny and drive like a nerd... People we've passed were looking at us so strange, it was so embarrassing, but retarded- funny at the same time. He made me laugh so hard.

Visit to the Ashby's

Look at Leslie's belly- She looks so darn good and cute pregnant. Brad and I visited the Ashby's on our way to Reno, NV. on Monday, July 30th. We had lunch with them and had the opportunity to spend some time with the family. We missed them, and it was great seeing them again!
As you can tell, Ethan loved taking pictures with us. Actually, Curtis is the one that didn't want to take pictures with us, but he looks so much happier than Ethan. How funny is that!
He just wanted to take a picture with me...
Ethan is such a big boy now. He is talking so much! What a cute kid=P
Ok, so when Brad and I visited the Ashby's, Leslie had me create this woderful blog that I am starting to get addicted to. Do you see that laptop behind Ethan and I? Well, we were in a process of creating this blog. Thanks, Les. ( I think...)